Installers Love Our Racking!

We had superior racking and we made it even better, listening to the feedback provide by our customers.  See what our customers say:

"This was our first purchase from you, but it won’t be the last. Our crews loved it. Without question this preassembled rack has fewer parts, goes on the roof faster, weighs less and eliminates many of the extra wire management system costs that are never factored into the racking costs." - C. F.

"... the one component that makes or breaks labor costs is the racking system. By selecting the right racking manufacturer, we have come to see where the greatest overall project savings can be realized.  I am happy to give my highest recommendation to Solar Mounting Solution’s team and your racking products." - O. S.

"The design of their racking is both aesthetically pleasing and functional as it hides the ballast block, both avoiding the elements and allowing a clear walkway between the panel rows. We have ... sampled other racks but the speed and ease of installation is better than any other racking that we have used in the nine years we have been designing and installing solar systems." - J. C.

"The local DOB mandated no solar energy system can exceed 8 inches in height from the roof surface. We searched far and wide and no product in the marketplace came close to this specification. With little time and a tight budget, your team custom designed and delivered a system for us within 30 days. This is a remarkable feat and saved the project." - H. C.

We have many other customers who love our products and our support and we would be happy to provide references upon request.  Let us make your install easier!