Ballasted System

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Solar Mounting Solutions specializes in designing and manufacturing pre-assembled racking which requires significantly less time to install than other systems in the market. Installers prefer SMS Racks!


Integrated Wire Management

THRU-ITT® Integrated Wire Management provides the optimal wiring path, eliminating any guesswork as well as the need for additional materials to complete the wiring installation.

Code Compliant

All of our patented designs are code compliant in all regions of the country. This includes local code requirements such as the recent New York RNCY 105-02 amendment, which requires the ballast to be fully contained.

Higher Net Profits

Enjoy higher profits with our pre-assembled racking solutions. All hardware is pre-inserted at the factory, making it simple to install. With our product, you will be off the roof in a shorter time.

Single Tool Installation

Our ballasted system requires only one tool for installation, which simplifies the installation process and saves both time and money.

SMS Low Profile Ballasted System

This racking solution has a sleek design and lightweight construction. Also, it uses less material without compromising strength or durability. This results in quick and easy assembly, a lower mechanical load on your roof, and the most competitive pricing on the market.


Pre-assembled direct from the factory

All hardware pre-inserted

Average of 50% faster installation than other racks

THRU-ITT® Integrated Wire Management System

Ballast fully protected from the environment to meet code requirements

Low-profile design for fewer ballast blocks

Single tool installation

EPDM, TPO or PVC strips pre-applied

Available in galvanized steel/aluminum/powder coated

Made in the USA with a standard 20-year warranty

Preferred by solar installers



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