Introducing THRU-ITT® Integrated Wire Management

THRU-ITT® Integrated Wire Management eliminates the guesswork of determining the optimal wiring path and the need to purchase extra parts to complete the wiring installation.

  • Fast and Easy to install
  • Fewer Components
  • Integrated Features



Only 3 Major Components

Comes Pre - Assembled from Factory

Fast and Easy Installation

Offers THRU-ITTM Integrated Wire System

Includes UL and Patented Integrated Bonding and Grounding Plate

Installers: We listened and that's what makes us the industry leader.  Here are some key areas where we are superior to our competitors:

No More Difficult and Expensive Wiring Management Systems:

SMS Racking systems incorporate our very own THRU-ITT™ Integrated Wire way Management System which allows you to run your wires E/W and N/S internally. The reduction in labor and need for external conduit material saves you time and money.

We've Streamlined Complicated and Lengthy Installation:

SMS Racking system streamlines most of the complicated measuring and layout for you. Our racking consists of only 3 major parts that arrive direct from the factory preassembled with pre-applied EPDM Rubber and all hardware pre-inserted. Our product saves you time and money with Single Tool Installation!

We've Addressed Ballast Decay:

Our revolutionary Ballast Tray suspends the ballast block above the roof and underneath the panel, blocking UV light and allowing moisture to dissipate - thus preventing decay.

We've Improved Grounding and Bonding:

Patented Integrated Grounding Clips that grounds and bonds your entire system as you mount panels.
UL listed 467