Hybrid System

Minimize Penetrations with Our Innovative Hybrid System

For those times where weight constraints or wind requirements rule out a fully ballasted system, our Hybrid System provides the answer.  Our Hybrid System provides the following advantages over other systems on the market:

Reduces Penetrations

Our innovative design aids in securing our solar mounts with fewer penetrations.  Fewer penetrations help improve roof integrity and minimizing the possible effect of such penetrations on the roof’s warranty.

Materials and Design

The low profile and lightweight materials of our ballasted mounts means lower weight per rack, reducing weight demands on your roof and help make installation easier.

Simplified Installation

Our proprietary Hybrid System simplifies the installation process by aiding in alignment and providing predetermined anchor points.

Adds Structural Strength

Our Hybrid System adds additional strength and rigidity, while minimizing the weight demands added to the roof.

Reduces Labor Costs

Our Hybrid System has all the time-saving features that come with our Ballasted System (integrated wire management, single-tool installation, all hardware preinstalled from the factory, etc.).


Pre-assembled direct from the factory

All hardware pre-inserted

Average of 50% faster installation than other racks

THRU-ITT® Integrated Wire Management System

Ballast fully protected from the environment to meet code requirements

Low-profile design for fewer ballast blocks

Single tool installation

EPDM, TPO or PVC strips pre-applied

Available in galvanized steel/aluminum/powder coated

Made in the USA with a standard 20-year warranty

Preferred by solar installers



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