Solar Racking Solutions:


Solar Racking Solutions:

Manufacturing Premium Racking Systems for Your Solar Panels

Solar Mounting Solutions LLC in Newburgh, NY designs and manufactures customized racking systems to meet your needs. We will provide the flexibility to locate your panels where you need, having full confdence our products will keep them safely in place.

Our Racking Systems

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality, pre-assembled racks with pre-inserted hardware. Our products are designed and built in New York's Hudson Valley. They are all made of superior materials, requiring minimal need for repair and maintenance for more than 20 years.  The quality of our materials allows us to include a 20 year warranty, and we offer options to extend the warranty even longer.

Why Choose Us

We control the quality of every step of the process, because we do everything in-house - including all design, engineering, manufacturing and kit assembly.  This means we can eliminate the middlemen, saving costs, maximizing accountability and transparency.  It also allows us to better control scheduling and improve communication on any project’s status, completely streamlining the process.

Installers Love Us!

Our proprietary design allows for the easiest installation possible, saving labor costs of up to 50%. We also comply with all UL 2703 standards for photovoltaic panel mounts. These advantages make our products superior to other solar mounting products on the market.  Just ask any of the installers who have used them!

Ballasted System

We are proud to introduce to you the latest addition to our selection of solar racking products—the Low Profile Panel Support System. This racking system’s sleek design and lightweight construction use less material without compromising strength or durability.